City looks up to Union finance minister


City looks up to Union finance minister
Subhayan Dutta
Hindustan Times (Kolkata)
Feb 29 2016

With the Union Budget scheduled to be announced on Monday, the primary areas that need to be addressed include agriculture, children’s education and reallocating allowances. HT spoke to few people, who discussed about their expectations from Union the finance minster.
While increasing the income tax limit and lowering service tax is a demand that is made every year, the main focus of the salaried class will be whether allowances like medical bill and tuition fees are hiked, said Soumyajit Ganguly, an employee of a private firm.
“The real problem lies in the medical bill allowances given by the companies. It is a meagre amount of around Rs 15,000 a year. Today, the medical cost a family has to incur is way above that amount annually. I think that allowance should be around Rs 40,000,” said Ganguly.
He further added, “Another crucial area is the tuition fee. The cost of education is skyrocketing every year. If one wants quality education for their child starting from preschool, then the Rs 800 annual allowance is too less.”
Agriculture is invariably the top priority in this year’s budget.
Owing to lack of rain, many farmers have killed themselves and many have left their villages migrating to cities in search of petty jobs like ice- cream selling, vending, hawking and selling phuchkas, among other.
One such example is Kishan Bhawra, a resident of a village in Uttar Pradesh. He is working as a snacks seller in Howrah station currently. The failure of the previous wheat crop had left him and his family with an outstanding loan of Rs 40,000. Moreover, he had to also pay interest on this amount.
“No matter how many schemes we get to hear about, nothing is given to us. My parents back in my village have refused to move out. My wife had to travel two kilometers to get water from a well. She is lucky if she gets it. We need some easy loan schemes for the farmers and some artificial water resources in our village. The cultivable land is useless without water,” said Bhawra….read more…


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