Differently-abled to stage skit on Delhi gang rape


Differently-abled to stage skit on Delhi gang rape
Subhayan Dutta letters@hindustantimes.com
Hindustan Times (Kolkata)
Mar 7 2016

A city-based theatre group working with differently-abled people will stage a skit based on the New Delhi gang rape incident of 2012. Three differently-abled actors will take the stage among other performers on March 8 at the University Institute Hall in College Square. The Delhi gang rape incident, that shook the nation, has been the subject of many short films, theatre performances, documentaries and films in the recent years. It will be performed for the first time in the city, said Esha Kar, founder of the theatre group, ‘Kothakolom’.

Kar described how she could relate to the indomitable spirit of the victim and the three differently abled performers of the group, which encouraged her to take on the subject. “They all are fighting battles in different battlegrounds. Den suffers from cerebral palsy and could not speak till he was 25. Since then, he has authored a book and has even worked as executive producer in films. Jija, who too suffers from similar disease, is now a member of Indian Institute of Cerebral Palsy (IICP), like Den. Chandreyi suffers from rot cone dystrophy, which gives her only 20% vision. She will be giving her second year exam in Education Honours from Loreto College,” added Kar. However, encouraging the task may seem, it had its challenges. Kar describes the difficulties faced by the group during the rehearsals, during which the members even got injured.

“None of the three have stage experience. For Chandreyi, who has eye-sight problem, I had to send her scripts in whatsapp and she memorised it by listening. On stage, we had to work meticulously on her step count, so that she does not falls down. Den is wheelchair- bound and during the rehearsals has injured himself few times,” said Kar. The name of the play, ‘Black Holes are Not Black’, has been inspired from a chapter of Stephen Hawking’s book ‘A brief history of Time’.

Kar said, “It was Hawking, who claimed contrary to popular belief in his book that black hole is not black. Similarly, we want to convey that life is not all dark. Those are just phases and it will pass on to the beautiful ones.”…read more…


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