The social revolution


The social revolution
Subhayan Dutta
Hindustan Times (Kolkata)
Mar 14 2016

Step aside, Marx. The social revolution is here. Young Left candidates contesting assembly elections are leaving no stones unturned to reach the masses. They are not limiting their campaigning only to the age-old door-to-door way but are also reaching

out through social networking applications such as Facebook and WhatsApp.

According to Rajib Majumder, 41, the Left’s young candidate from Maniktala, who has over 3, 500 followers on his Facebook profile, social media is extensively being used by all the sections of society and the Left doesn’t want to left out. They believe the front can reach very deep through this medium.

“It is a constant medium of communication. And one can reach them through powerful pictures and videos instantly. We are soon opening a page named Maniktala Bidhannagar Sabha Committee, where the current dire condition of the area will be posted and suggestions will be sought on how to better it. We also have seven to eight WhatsApp groups at different levels, where I mostly connect with the youth,” said Majumder, who was also the secretariat member of the DYFI central executive committee.

Majumder went on a door-todoor campaign on Sunday afternoon from Kankurgachi with hundreds turning to support the young leader. From middle-aged aunties to the people working at tea stalls to small kids having a fuchka treat at the corner of the lane, all waved back at Majumder, who promised to bring employment and women’s safety back in Bengal.

“I understand exactly the frustration of youths of the state. The complete breakdown of the PSC, SSC and TET structure has led them to take steps such as suicide. Bengal needs to be pulled out this hopeless suffocative ambience. More than anyone else, it’s the youth who would vote for change this time,” said Majumder.1

Another young leader of the Left who stressed the importance of the social media to get to the depth of the society was Madhuja Sen Roy, the CPI(M) candidate from Tollygunge.

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