UEFA Champions League Final 2015

UEFA Champions League Final 2015

The Champions League Final is all set and I think it is safe to say that both the teams deserved to the finale. But what was strange was the ousting of Real Madrid from the tournament. There are many speculations that things are not going well in the Madrid camp and all, which generally follow after your team has been out from both the home league and the European league, but these things, should not affect them. Continue reading


Would like a Barcelona, Juventus final: Silvestre

Would like a Barcelona, Juventus final: Silvestre

Subhayan Dutta letters@hindustantimes.com
Hindustan Times (Kolkata)
May 10 2015

Mikael Silvestre gave the debate about choosing between Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi as the world’s best by saying neither matched up to the Brazilian legend who shares his name with the current Real Madrid star. “Both Messi and Ronaldo are good but they are yet to reach the ‘Ronaldo’ level”, said the former Manchester United and Arsenal defender. Continue reading

English premiere league

Chelsea is winning the English Premier League

It is safe to say now that Chelsea is winning the league now with no obstructions as can be foreseen now. Even Wenger has admitted it. however, this week’s results have opened up few pockets yet again. United’s shocking loss at Godison Park has made a slim arc opening at the top four for Liverpool who has also been disappointing in their recent performances. But, the story of the week is obviously won by the London derby. Continue reading

English premiere league

ManU prepare for Chelsea, Pellegrini on the brink of getting sacked from ManCity, Arsenal enjoying support from full squad

This week’s Premier League results have changed nothing much however the second and third place has been more or less cemented by Arsenal and Manchester United. Surprisingly, these are the exact two clubs who did not seem to qualify in the top four by the way started the season. United’s loss to weak teams at the time of a change in squad and Arsenal’s injury plagued squad suffered in a mammoth way in the initial stages which gave Chelsea its boost at the top of the table.
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