The Occult – Chapter 3

Next day after college I went to his chamber. As I entered his office I saw Dr. Venkatesh waiting for me. He got up and entered  a room which was further inside and I followed him. He brought out a file, a brown one, n threw it at me. I sat on a chair nearby and opened it. There were some comments and some recordings of different people. Dr. Venkatesh came from behind me kept a hand on my shoulder and pointed a finger on the page where the comments were made. Continue reading


The Occult – Chapter 2

“She was lying on her bed. Her face petrified, eyes fixed at the ceiling fan. She was murmuring something not loud enough for us to make out. Sharma uncle, our neighbor was on his way. He was a doctor. Suddenly everything was changed. That smell was again taking over. I went out to the hall where the incident took place and looked at the cupboard. Nothing was wrong in it obviously,but I don’t know why a sense of fear crept in from nowhere. Someone knocked on the door. Jaya aunty came out of Arun’s room to open the door. I didn’t see Arun for weeks now and although it was prohibited for me I went in. Continue reading

The Occult – Chapter 1

“The school got over a bit late that afternoon, allowing me to skip maths tuition which i used to have after school. It was evening when i returned home. Arun was sitting on the stairs. He was our tenant, my closest friend who lived in the ground floor. He was fidgeting with his dad’s mobile. He was playing ‘snakes-II’ trying to break the high score i made last night.
Continue reading